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Changelog for September 13, 2021

Revamped Flow configuration, Screening speed and accuracy, and a new watchlist ⚙️


  • We have completely revamped how you manage which countries are part of your Flow and their associated verification behaviors. This makes managing and understanding the behavior of a large number of countries significantly easier.

    Configurations are now grouped by profiles which are in turn assigned to countries. This means you can edit the behaviors of multiple countries at once.

    Add countries to your Flow

    Make custom workflows

  • 🇦🇺 Australia DFAT Consolidated List of Sanctions (API code: AU_CON) is now available for screening entities


  • Significantly improved Screening results with better handling of single token aliases provided by government authorities. Based on our testing, the new handling reduces false positives by 10 - 15%.
  • We've reduced the number of network requests that are made when loading a Screening customer page making it speedier to load
  • Clearer messages during Flow verification failures (no longer directing customers to contact support if they fail)
  • Added support for delivering SMS verifications in China


  • Fixed an issue when attempting to reflow a session that is currently pending review
  • Fixed an issue where OCR's ID document names were not being properly handled when they can't be split into consitutent parts (first/last name)
  • Fixed an issue where ID document sharpness could not be determined causing errors during verification

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